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renard silk dress

renard silk dress

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available sizes garment bust 35 (39, 44, 48)[52, 56, 60, 65]” to fit a 30 (34, 38, 42)[46, 50, 54, 58]” bust with a recommended positive ease of approximately 5"

  • samples shown in size 39 on a 35" bust.

yarn requirements approx 1167 (1300, 1467, 1600)[1733, 1867, 2000, 2167] 

yards of lace weight yarn with silk content.

  • sample shown in Sweet Georgia Yarns SeaSilk in color Desert Clay and Fleece Artist Handmaiden Fine Yarn SeaSilk in color Crema 
  • budget friendly yarn suggestion KnitPicks Luminance Lace

The waistband of this dress is worked flat, you will knit two strips and graft them together. 

The bodice and skirt are both picked up from the waistband and lacy increases create a draping full skirt. You can easily customize your sizes by choosing different size waistband, bodice or skirt sections. The increase rows are easily adjusted to reach any stitch count you're aiming for.

This is an investment knitting project, it requires time to complete. The resulting garment is worth the effort and feels like a dream to wear. You can wear this dress out with a slip underneath, or save it for special time at home when you want to feel like a goddess.

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