Mae Crop Sweater - The Story Behind the Pattern

The Mae Crop is my second sweater design and I have to say, I'm really proud of it. I was inspired by this sweatshirt I remember having in college. It was heather grey with a deep v-neck and a boxy fit, best of all it had puffed sleeve caps. I thought it was feminine and edgy, and I remember wearing it on a date where a cute boy thought it was really cool. That was pretty much my only requirement for any piece of clothing at that time, so it became a favorite.
Fast forward a decade and a half, I have no idea what happened to that sweatshirt. I wanted to knit myself a version updated for my more polished tastes and my wardrobe of high waisted skirts and pants. After some sketching and swatching with this amazing wool, the Mae Crop felt like a fast and very satisfying knit.
I knit my sample with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee Wool in color Rose Quartz. I love BMFA yarns because they come in large hanks and two of them will usually be enough for a sweater in my size. That makes alternating skeins a lot easier while I'm knitting and means very few ends to weave in. Major bonuses in my book. This Targhee Wool is incredible, it's springy and soft and feels sturdy enough to give structure to the puffs/ripples/gills on the shoulders.
The Mae Crop is going into testing quite soon! If you'd like to be a pattern tester, please reach out to elizabethmargaretdesigns [at]! I expect to release Mae in mid March, to find out when it's available sign up for my email list below.

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