Love Yourself Sweater: The Story Behind the Knitting Pattern

The Love Yourself Sweater has been a long time coming. I started swatching for this pattern all the way back in September when I knew I wanted to create an allover lace pattern pullover. While playing with some stitch patterns from Hitomi Shida's Japanese Knitting Stitches, I found with a little bit of modification I had an adorable heart lace pattern. Being a lover of all things super cute, I knew this was the stitch for the job.

I found the knitting went fast on this sweater; although I ripped the body and reknit it so many times I began to worry I would ruin the yarn, the lace pattern is intuitive and easy to remember. Even with all of the re-knitting to iron out the details of the design, I was finished with the sample garment in just a couple of weeks. Not bad for a sweater on small needles!

An unexpected delight happened while finishing that first sample, I started binging the Netflix series The Haunting of Bly ManorNow the entire series was an unexpected delight really, I adored it, what made it even better was that my Love Yourself Sweater is a really great dupe for the jumper the main character of this series wears often! This wasn't intentional, as I said I was already mostly finished with my sweater when I started watching the show, and maybe for that reason it delights me all the more.

the Haunting of Bly Manor jumper

I designed Love Yourself to have no shaping through the body and sleeves so that you can easily customize the fit by knitting a different size for the ribbed cuffs than for the lace pattern. So, if you love a little more ease like in the Bly Manor jumper, you've got the option!

The body and sleeves of this sweater are joined for a raglan style yoke with all the decreases. If you're new to lace knitting, it can be a bit tricky to decrease while working a lace pattern, I'll be posting a blog soon that will give you some tips on making it work! Knitters with some lace experience should find this pattern really simple. I definitely learned a lot a lot while undertaking this design. I'm super grateful for my tech editor, Heather Storta, I could not have managed this pattern without her. 

I can not wait to share this pattern with you on Valentine's Day! Make sure to sign up for my email list at the bottom of this page for a very special treat on Feb 14th to celebrate the launch of the Love Yourself Sweater pattern!

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I Cannot wait to make this!! I am so happy you took the plunge and started writing patterns!! I am definitely a fan!!!

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