• A petite, tattooed woman with dark pink hair stands with her hair on her hips. She is wearing a ruffled silk dress in a blue and peach splatter pattern and a squishy pink cardigan with lace panels which is held closed by a single hook.
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Katherine Cardigan

Renard Silk Dress

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Bridget Dress

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About Me

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 4 years old, and from that day forward I was hooked on fiber arts. As I got older, knitting became my go to craft. My needles have seen me through the hardest heart breaks and biggest joys of my life.

In the year 2020 I finally took the plunge and began designing my own knitting patterns. I design clothes that I love wearing as much as making, and would reflect my hyper-feminine and unabashedly edgy aesthetic.

My patterns are for all of the witches out there who know that they are both sexy and strong and want handmade clothes that reflect that. I am so happy to work with you on custom shaping or sizes on any of my existing patterns.

With each pattern release I am learning so much about garment construction and shaping. In the near future I will launch a re-work of my earliest patterns to bring them up to the size inclusivity that I now represent proudly. In the mean time I will gladly grade any of my existing patterns to your size at no additional cost.